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Sexy Man Monday: J Rand

Not only is he tasty to look at he has talent to boot! Here is his new video Up Against The Wall. Trust me ladies I would not mind him putting me against a wall any day.

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Love And Hip-Hop Season Two: A Reflection

I must say that Love And Hip-Hop season two was a doozy for me. Olivia was still dealing with the bi-polar personality in regards to her music verses her actual feelings. I felt that once she is able to show her real emotions then her music quality will get better. Yandy was my least favorite lady on the show. She was always complaining but sometimes I felt that she has forgotten how amazing her life is. If I worked with Busta Rhymes I would focus on making money instead of arguing over old news. Out of all of the ladies this season Somaya had to be my favorite. Instead of fighting, she decided to take her own career in her hands. Plus, she did a great job at her showcase. It was wrong for Olivia to still hold an old grudge against her for a past mistake. Like Somaya said they are both in the same boat in regards to their music careers. It would be amazing to see them work together. But knowing how strong their personalities are I can’t see that happening.

Chrissy also had a better experience this season. The man she loved Jim Jones finally woke up and realized how good of a woman she really is besides her amazing fighting ability. But what also really bothered me was the fact that Kimbella and Erica became the major focus of the season. You would think that the both of them with their diva personalities would get along fine. It really did just the opposite it may it seem like the classic stereotype of that women of color can not work together. I think that LaLa’s Full Court Life is the only show on VH1 that shows women of color in a good light.

Now that season three is going to feature Lore’l and some of the previous cast it will be interesting to see how they all get along.

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Underrated: Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle has to be one of the best sites to discover independent music. From Hip Hop to Alternative Indie Shuffle has something for everyone. What I like about it is that it is a great source to get music if you are Internet DJ and you have a strong passion for exposing your audience to new sounds. Even if you are not a DJ this is a great place to listen to TRUE musicians that have actual talent unlike the crap that is coming out of the Top 40 market.

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Tiny Tonight Review

Tiny Tonight Review

Once again, light-skinned Black women win again. Now, I do respect Tiny as being a great mother to her children but I really felt the show itself she was not the host. It felt more like Tamar Tonight. I HAD respect for Tamar Braxton but I got so sick and tired of hearing her talk. There were times during the show where she didn’t let others talk. She actually talked over Tiny at times during their 2012 review episode.

At least they have Claudia Jordan as part of the roundtable. She is smart and classy so at least she is worth watching. However, I was really shocked at Trina for being so quiet. She usually is very talkative, especially in her music where she often tells women to be strong and independent.

Tiny Tonight is pretty much The View for Black people. Knowing Tiny I was expecting it to more classy and less Love & Hip-Hop.

Rating: Below Average


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