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Vlogger/Blogger for Welcome To!

I feel so blessed to become a part of the Welcome2Media family! As of today, I am official blogger and vlogger for I am also launching my new YouTube channel called BlasianQuita. It is going to be a channel that is going to focus on affordable beauty products, interracial media coverage, and of course opinion vlogs as well.

It will be launching this Friday! I am nervous of course but I am looking forward to it! If you want me to do a video on a particular topic let me know.



Plus Size Magazine Plus-Size Modeling 101

Plus Size Magazine Plus-Size Modeling 101

This is the issue that I have been waiting for some time. Plus Size Magazine is answering the questions of what it takes to get into the confusing world of the plus-size modeling industry.

I am looking forward to seeing what information that they will cover. I hope that the issue includes what agencies are plus-size friendly.

You can check out the issue here:

Get Smart and Stay Informed,


Interracial Tag Of The Day!

These interracial tags are really popular. It is pretty much like playing the Newlywed game with people of different cultural experiences. But at the end of the day we still share similar stories of how we met are other half.

I will feature a different couple on a weekly basis. Sorry for not keeping the posting schedule. I had so much reading for grad school that I was up to my ears reading books.

Get Smart and Stay Informed,

Underrated R&B Divas: K.Michelle

Underrated R&B Divas: K.Michelle

Everyone knows K.Michelle for her crazy personality on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. But to me, she is a talented singer who lost her record label at Jive due to her struggles in her own personal life. But I feel that is what makes K.Michelle unique. She is able to share her pain through her lyrics.

It takes a lot to be able to share your real personality with the world. That is what is missing in modern R&B. People are only singing about prefect sex and going to the club. But the real origin of R&B comes from being able to channel your good and bad times into lyrics for people to relate to. If K.Michelle can focus she will be a R&B legend to remember.
Official Website:

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Back To Grad School!

After a long break, I am back to the task at hand: graduate school. You know, the funny thing is I never thought that I was smart enough to go. When I finished my undergraduate degree(which was a challenge in itself) I decided to try to get a job and hopeful an amazing Asian husband to form a African-American and Asian-American (AMBW) union.

I love my Asian daddies aka I love Asian men! I especially have a soft spot for White men or any man that is a geek or can have intellectual conversations. The funny thing also as a Black woman I have never had Black men be interested in me or me be attracted to them and trust me that is rare.

But for the Black women out there who like men of other ethnic groups trust me they like us too. Just check out this video(this dude is fine!).

Get Smart and Stay Informed,

Interracial Photo of the Day

Interracial Photo of the Day

I really love White men! There are some out there who really do appreciate the essence of a Black woman. I really wished more Black women would give White men a chance.

We really need to get over the slavery issue. That happened a long time ago. We need to stop making each other be reminded of that. That was our ancestors.

Get Smart and Stay Informed,

Blndsundoll4mj: The New “Nicki Minaj” Of YouTube

Every time I see this lady on YouTube I think automatically of Nicki Minaj. Not only does she have a super-high voice but she even wears as much makeup as she does.

To be honest, she has interesting videos but because of her voice it can be hard to watch the video it so high-pitched and she acts super-dizzy “dumb blonde” stereotype that it takes away from the content of her videos as well. You can have blonde hair without having to act “dumb”. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Get Smart And Stay Informed,

Interracial Couple Of The Day!

Interracial Couple Of The Day!

It is not easy to be in a interracial union. Some people don’t understand even in 2013 that it is oh ok to date outside of your race. For example, I am really attracted to White and Asian men mainly but honestly I was rarely attracted to Black men. Actually they were not attracted to me. They often would say that I “acted” too much like a White woman.

I am still trying to figure out why White women and Asian women are more desired that Black women these days. There are so many beautiful Black women who are also well-educated that I don’t understand why Black men just overlook them and still go straight to White women or Asian women.

So, every week I will figure a interracial couple to show that love sees no color.

I have also decided on the schedule that will be set up for this blog. Posts will be updated on the following days:

Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays. There will also be a podcast episode on Friday as well. Later on in the year, I will also launch a YouTube channel. I feel it is important to talk intellectually about these issues as well. When it comes to people who are interracial there are way too many stereotypes out there and I hope to change how interracial or multicultural people are viewed. It is hard enough for us to get makeup that looks great on our skin. Let me know what you think.

Get Smart And Stay Informed,

The Business Of Beauty Blogging

While I was Twitter, I found this very interesting video about the business behind beauty blogging. I have noticed that more than 50 percent of people on YouTube are beauty vloggers. I take most of them not seriously at all because most of them don’t know what they are doing.

However, there are exceptions such as MakeupGeek, who actually took makeup classes and has professional makeup to use. But I feel now that most of the people who do beauty vlogging only do it because it is popular and not for the good of the beauty community. What do you think?

I Will Never Shop At Victoria’s Secret Again

Every year I look forward to the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Even though there are some plus-sized blasians out there like me who shop there even though they do not carry plus-sized bras or even some of their PINK items for us curvier women. Even when I was younger, it would always hurt my feelings to see my friends being able to get sexy bras and panties from VS and I could only buy makeup or fragrances. That is why I have decided to never shop at Victoria’s Secret again just because they really don’t appeal to women of size. I feel bad every time I go in there because of the skinner female customers who are able to find something that fits them. Also all the advertisements for VS feature super-skinny women that I will never be able to look like.

So let’s talk about the Semi-Annual sale. It really didn’t feel like a sale this year. By the time I got there all of the discounted BeautyRush products were gone. You would think that they would get enough in stock to provide for most customers. Eye liner for example was very pricey: two for 15 dollars or four for 20 dollars. Why on earth would I pay that much for eye liner that is going to come off anyway? I had better be told that I am pretty for buying that stuff at that price. The only thing to me that was appealing was this ultimate makeup kit that had a value of 500 dollars of makeup for 25 dollars so that was not that bad.

But, I hope that VS can improve in the future and start to feature bigger women and man in their ads. It would make me and a lot of other plus-sized women feel a lot of better.

Get Smart And Stay Informed,



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