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Blasian Update #2

Often I never talk about myself personally. But I am re-debuting the Blasian update talking about what happens in my crazy and moving up the entertainment ladder. I also decided that my videos are only going to be updated on Mondays due to my busy work schedule. Then today is the debut of Fatshion, my new online radio show on The Aircheck Radio Network! On the show we will have the latest and hottest music but also discussion on plus-size culture and entertainment society!

On Fridays Feminist Praise is my Christian show that focuses on Christian women in the entertainment industry that are doing amazing things.

Well it is time to go off and take a nice shower lol!


Lady Leshurr: ‘The Industry Just Doesn’t Know What To Do With Women’

This is why female rappers can not work together. Because the beef is often created by record labels or even men within their own clicks. I discuss why it is important for women to build their own creditability.

Forever Pure Beauty Review

I would like to thank Christine for sending me this awesome products to review! It is already hard as a woman of color to find products that blend well my skin. Since I am in-between shades it makes even more hard! Not only do they blend well with my skin they also feel like I am not wearing anything at all. That is how you want makeup to be.

Check it out:

Nerium AD 5 Day Review

With the amount of “anti-aging” products out there this product claims that it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I am going to put it to the test! I would like to thank Nerium for sending this product for me to review!

Leave Black Women Alone!

I am so sick and tired of ignorant of all these jealous and “angry” black men. Wake up and smell the coffee Black women have options!

Ignorant Black Men

Because of the ignorant comment that was left on my blog by a Black man that I am assuming really does not like me I decided to create another video response to his comment:

“I find your video response to these white girls to be a double standard. You can say that you like non bm thats cool, and complaine about these ugly wgirls, and they are. But guess what you’re not beautiful yourself, you and those white girls are’nt beautiful. Bw are the only race of women that go begging for men. You are the biggest hypocrites and liers around. You dont want to see bm with nothing you do nothing but destroy, thats why men of every see you and run. Another thing since you as a bw love non bm why are concerned about these wgirls? Are you saying bw can do what they want and bm cant? You can have a preference and bm cant? The hypocricy of bw is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I agree with you these wgirls are not beautiful, and you are’nt either”.

What do you think?

Asian Guy Rant!

Asian guys be trippin! I am smart and got it going on what the heck! What is so special about White women?

White Women Say How Much They LOVE Black Men! Video Response

Here is the original video:

I am so tired of this ignorant White girls making smart women look bad! I decided to do my first video response on how I feel about White women talking about their “love” for Black men.

Korean Drama Recommendations!

I love Asian dramas!

Here are my recommendations for Korean dramas:

Boys Before Flowers
City Hunter
Personal Preference
Full House seasons one and two
Winter Sonata

Check out my featured artist Awkwafina:

Why I Like Asian Men!

Asian men are the best desert in the world! This is why I love them! Shout outs to all the sexy Asian men around the world!


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