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Paris Hilton Signed To Cash Money?

Paris Hilton Signed To Cash Money?

This is my first acutally post in a while since I have been going YouTube crazy lol. But come the heck on! Paris Hilton, the favorite blonde that you love to hate just got a record deal with Cash Money according to CNN. Just when I thought they were not going to have enough drama with Nicki Minaj.

Now you have Paris. Her first album really sucked and I pray that Afrojack doesn’t work with her because it will ruin his carrer for sure. If she can get a record deal then a monkey can get a record deal! But I won’t like it will be interesting to see what music they come up with I have a feel that she will transform in the next White Girl Mob 2.0



Freaky Friday On Saturday: K. Michelle

K. Michelle is very talented. But sometimes I wondered why she is not as successful as she should be. Sometimes drama can change your success.

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Review Wednesday: Misty Eyez

She is a amazing drag queen that actually helps you to learn more about drag culture! I just wish sometimes that she would do her best to answer a question fully or if you are not able to answer it then say it from the beginning because sometimes her answers are going to be confusing.


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BlasianQuita TV Multicultural News: Best Female DJ’s, Star Trek, New X-Factor Judges And More!

I decided to change the look of the show let me know what you think!

Black Women And White Men Having Sex Oh The Horror!

I don’t see the problem with it. Sisters get your freak on and try some White chocolate!

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Awkward Black Girl:

Dare Magazine: Awesome College Student Launches Mag For Plus Sized Women

It is about time that college women started representing our plus-size media. Find out that and more in today’s episode!

The Blasian Chronicles One

I’m back baby! After another one wait. Grad school really does take up a lot of your time. Now that is summer, I am ready to shoot my videos daily! I will also be mixing in blog posts as well every other day will be a video posted. I noticed it is rather boring to watch a blog then read it as well.

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