Interrracial Couples Unlikely To Be Married?

There are times that I have this fear as a professional woman of color. I always noticed that we end up marrying idiots or guys that we know don’t deserve us. I decided to put my two cents on this issue.

Link to article:


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  1. Oy! Bad news for women of color. We can’t seem to cut a break in the relationship world…

  2. I just read the article and my comment:

    Well, this doesn’t surprise me. There is still tension, and unfortunately I still hear stories (what year are we in, 2013?) where interracial couples are dating for years and then when they are brought in to meet the parents, there’s familial rejection and then they break up. I think its sad…but it shows more on the partner’s weak character and bigotry if they can’t stand up for the one they love.

    • I dealt with that kind of situation. It was not easy and we ended up not being together. I feel that you have to be with a man that is strong and is not ashamed to bring you in the first place. I would leave a man if he could not acknowledge me in front of the people he cares about.

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