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Debut Of Riot Grrl Radio!

The wait is over… The debut of Riot Grrl radio is here! I am proud to say that it was horrible and rusty but it will get better with time! Discussing those multicultural entertainment topics that you have been waiting for plus Hard Rock and Heavy Metal News for all of my Riot Grrls and Riot Guys out there! Let me know what do you think about the first episode!

You can also listen to and learn more about the show here

[audio ]

Stay Classy And Don’t Be Trashy!



PMS: Please Move Sir!

PMS: Please Move Sir!

PMS hands down has to be the worst time of the month! Some men need to understand that during this time please be kind to us because if you don’t you will feel the power of the She-Hulk!

Some the funny things that happen to me during PMS include:

1.)Being Hungry For No Reason- I feel like I could eat until the end of the time!

2.) You Cry For No Reason- It funny yesterday I watching TV and started to have tears in my eyes for no reason! The funny thing was I was watching something funny on TV!

3.) You Crave Sweets More- For some strange reason, I want to eat more and more chocolate!

4.) You Hate Everyone- I do not like to be around people or I am grumpy towards them during this time plus I want to sleep more which is even more funny!

I especially feel bad for the boyfriends and husbands during this time. Heck you might even take out more on your girlfriend. I really do commend lesbians living together. I don’t know how they deal with PMS they must really ignore each other because let’s me honest some of us really get bitchy during this time. So afterwards please apologize to anyone who you took your PMS on because they may think you were actually pissed at them.

Stay Classy And Don’t Be Trashy,

The Color Of Drag: Haley Star

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Ms. Jade Does An Amazing Freestyle!

I am glad that Ms. Jade is back! Check out this amazing freestyle she did for HipHopSince1987. It is so funny that XXL did not include female artists so it just go to show that women are still not considered important when it comes to women in hip-hop. I hope that changes soon because there are a lot more talent MC’s out there than Nicki Minaj…..


Attractive vs. Ugly Light skin vs Dark Skin in the YouTube Beauty Community

I know that I have been slacking doing posts. But now, I have a special announcement to make! I will be doing videos and posts on the daily because I have a new passionate about covering all kinds of international entertainment news! Plus the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal coverage that you will love! But this video is a topic that I feel needs to be addressed seriously on YouTube….


Never Give Up

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