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PMS: Please Move Sir!

PMS: Please Move Sir!

PMS hands down has to be the worst time of the month! Some men need to understand that during this time please be kind to us because if you don’t you will feel the power of the She-Hulk!

Some the funny things that happen to me during PMS include:

1.)Being Hungry For No Reason- I feel like I could eat until the end of the time!

2.) You Cry For No Reason- It funny yesterday I watching TV and started to have tears in my eyes for no reason! The funny thing was I was watching something funny on TV!

3.) You Crave Sweets More- For some strange reason, I want to eat more and more chocolate!

4.) You Hate Everyone- I do not like to be around people or I am grumpy towards them during this time plus I want to sleep more which is even more funny!

I especially feel bad for the boyfriends and husbands during this time. Heck you might even take out more on your girlfriend. I really do commend lesbians living together. I don’t know how they deal with PMS they must really ignore each other because let’s me honest some of us really get bitchy during this time. So afterwards please apologize to anyone who you took your PMS on because they may think you were actually pissed at them.

Stay Classy And Don’t Be Trashy,


HYD For Men Review

HYD For Men Review

Hey guys! Usually I cover products that are for women. However, it is important to cover products for men because what woman would not want a good-smelling man? So I decided to get these products for my guy friend to try. He didn’t want photos taken of him using the product however this what he had to say about each product:

Buffer Stick: “Very cooling and smooth to the touch. I love the fact that it helped to reduce the bumps on my face and also help to keep my skin nice and smooth. My girlfriend loved it as well!”

Razor Shield: “It really helped to keep my razor longer. It is very costly to buy razors so if I can keep them longer that is always a good thing. It also helped to give me a better shave as well.”

Shave Cream: ” A little bit goes a long way. I was really shocked to see how creamy it is and it gives me a amazing close shave. I also noticed that I did have as much in-growns as well”.

I would like to thank my guyfriend for reviewing these products and for more information check out their website at:

Paris Hilton Signed To Cash Money?

Paris Hilton Signed To Cash Money?

This is my first acutally post in a while since I have been going YouTube crazy lol. But come the heck on! Paris Hilton, the favorite blonde that you love to hate just got a record deal with Cash Money according to CNN. Just when I thought they were not going to have enough drama with Nicki Minaj.

Now you have Paris. Her first album really sucked and I pray that Afrojack doesn’t work with her because it will ruin his carrer for sure. If she can get a record deal then a monkey can get a record deal! But I won’t like it will be interesting to see what music they come up with I have a feel that she will transform in the next White Girl Mob 2.0


Plus Size Magazine Plus-Size Modeling 101

Plus Size Magazine Plus-Size Modeling 101

This is the issue that I have been waiting for some time. Plus Size Magazine is answering the questions of what it takes to get into the confusing world of the plus-size modeling industry.

I am looking forward to seeing what information that they will cover. I hope that the issue includes what agencies are plus-size friendly.

You can check out the issue here:

Get Smart and Stay Informed,


Underrated R&B Divas: K.Michelle

Underrated R&B Divas: K.Michelle

Everyone knows K.Michelle for her crazy personality on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. But to me, she is a talented singer who lost her record label at Jive due to her struggles in her own personal life. But I feel that is what makes K.Michelle unique. She is able to share her pain through her lyrics.

It takes a lot to be able to share your real personality with the world. That is what is missing in modern R&B. People are only singing about prefect sex and going to the club. But the real origin of R&B comes from being able to channel your good and bad times into lyrics for people to relate to. If K.Michelle can focus she will be a R&B legend to remember.
Official Website:

Get Smart and Stay Informed,

Interracial Photo of the Day

Interracial Photo of the Day

I really love White men! There are some out there who really do appreciate the essence of a Black woman. I really wished more Black women would give White men a chance.

We really need to get over the slavery issue. That happened a long time ago. We need to stop making each other be reminded of that. That was our ancestors.

Get Smart and Stay Informed,

Interracial Couple Of The Day!

Interracial Couple Of The Day!

It is not easy to be in a interracial union. Some people don’t understand even in 2013 that it is oh ok to date outside of your race. For example, I am really attracted to White and Asian men mainly but honestly I was rarely attracted to Black men. Actually they were not attracted to me. They often would say that I “acted” too much like a White woman.

I am still trying to figure out why White women and Asian women are more desired that Black women these days. There are so many beautiful Black women who are also well-educated that I don’t understand why Black men just overlook them and still go straight to White women or Asian women.

So, every week I will figure a interracial couple to show that love sees no color.

I have also decided on the schedule that will be set up for this blog. Posts will be updated on the following days:

Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays. There will also be a podcast episode on Friday as well. Later on in the year, I will also launch a YouTube channel. I feel it is important to talk intellectually about these issues as well. When it comes to people who are interracial there are way too many stereotypes out there and I hope to change how interracial or multicultural people are viewed. It is hard enough for us to get makeup that looks great on our skin. Let me know what you think.

Get Smart And Stay Informed,

Tiny Tonight Review

Tiny Tonight Review

Once again, light-skinned Black women win again. Now, I do respect Tiny as being a great mother to her children but I really felt the show itself she was not the host. It felt more like Tamar Tonight. I HAD respect for Tamar Braxton but I got so sick and tired of hearing her talk. There were times during the show where she didn’t let others talk. She actually talked over Tiny at times during their 2012 review episode.

At least they have Claudia Jordan as part of the roundtable. She is smart and classy so at least she is worth watching. However, I was really shocked at Trina for being so quiet. She usually is very talkative, especially in her music where she often tells women to be strong and independent.

Tiny Tonight is pretty much The View for Black people. Knowing Tiny I was expecting it to more classy and less Love & Hip-Hop.

Rating: Below Average


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